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After the establishment of Iseong Safety Construction Co., Ltd. in 2009. Traffic safety based on technology experienced in the field
We have developed facilities and construction technology.

Established in 2018, ESUNG CORPORATION is a specialized manufacturer of traffic safety facilities and equipment and has developed state-of-the-art painting equipment and paints suitable for domestic and foreign road environments.

Especially the smart intersection system. By introducing a VMS system to build an intelligent transportation system, the manufacturing plant will be completed in 2023 and is growing into a manufacturer specializing in the development of high-tech traffic safety facilities and equipment.

With the management philosophy of differentiated technology, technology sharing, and realization of shared values,
Through creative innovation through constant challenge and continuous growth, new domestic and foreign
We promise to become a company that spreads values and technologies.
thank you

All executives and staff

그룹 토론


2009. 03 Established Iseong Safety Construction Co., Ltd.

2014. 07 Established Hosung E&C Limited

2018. 02 Established Samwon Technology Co., Ltd.
              Established an affiliated research institute
2018. 11 Changed company name from Samwon Technology  Co., Ltd.                   to ESUNG Co., Ltd.
2019. 12 Acquired export certificate of origin for each item

2021. 07 Designated as a promising export small business
            11 Started construction of head office and factory
            12 Capital increase (50 million won ~ 200 million won)

2023. 02 Relocation of headquarters and factory
2023. 05 Quality management system certification (ISO9001/9002)
2023. 05 Isung Enterprise factory registration


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