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EST-Thermoplastics Marking1

ESUNG’s truck-mounted line of EST-Thermoplastic Marking1 Stripers provides the superior material pre-melting capability to ensure faster start-ups and more productive applications. EST-Thermoplastic Marking1 series provides air-atomized spray application, ribbon extrusion application, and screed extrusion flat or profile application.


EST-Thermoplastics Marking1

Increase productivity with an ESUNG Thermoplastic Supply Truck and enhance your total melting capacity. Available in numerous configurations and material capacities. Add options such as transfer pumps, conveyor belt melter loading, transfer hose booms, lift gates, and more to get the most out of this workhorse.


EST-Thermoplastics Marking1

The EST Thermoplastic Marking1 is revolutionizing the pavement marking industry. Through its innovations, stripers are saving time and money while increasing quality and performance!

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