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EST-Thermoplastic Marking1
  • EST-Thermoplastic Marking1

    Thermoplastics Marking Truck

    ESUNG’s truck-mounted line of EST-Thermoplastic Marking1 Stripers provides the superior material pre-melting capability to ensure faster start-ups and more productive applications. EST-Thermoplastic Marking1 series provides air-atomized spray application, ribbon extrusion application, and screed extrusion flat or profile application.

    • Technical specifications

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    • Delivery policy and after-sales service

      1. ESUNG Co., Ltd. products are manufactured with the customer’s consent and will be notified after the order quotation.

      2. The A/S period for defective work is 2 years.

      3. If there is a defect in the received work, please attach a photo and contact customer service, and we will respond quickly after confirmation.

      4. If the device is damaged due to customer carelessness, the customer must repair it at their own expense.Company name: Leeseong Enterprise Co., Ltd.


      Phone number: 82-1644-9689

      Fax: 063-858-9289

      Address: 142-47 Sandangupyeong-gil, Nangsan-myeon, Iksan-si, Jeollabuk-doCountry: South KoreaRegion: Jeollabuk-doCity/County/District: Iksan

      Postal Code: 54524   

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