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About the product

This equipment is a road marking painting equipment using two-component cold plastics (MMA). It is a lane painting equipment that automatically sprays a mixture of MMA paint and hardener to facilitate road safety and traffic flow.

The operation of this equipment is controlled by the compressor operation and the control box controller to control the pneumatic equipment and each component to adjust the spraying amount of the two-component cold plastics paint and glass beads on the road surface by adjusting the height of the pneumatic control valve and the spray auto gun. You can freely adjust the amount of spraying, and the lane width can be arbitrarily adjusted.

It is designed to be able to construct the right and left lanes using the right and left handles according to the working conditions, and a control box that can operate all the mechanical devices of the vehicle from the driver's seat is installed for convenient operation.

As for the glass beads spraying device, the visibility of lanes was improved by installing high-brightness glass beads spraying device and rain-type glass beads spraying device in duplicate. (Optional)

The two-component auto mixing gun allows you to mix the main material and the hardener, and an internal mixing auto gun and an external mixing auto gun can be installed. (Optional)

패스트리 - 4000원

크루아상 - 2500원

커피/차 - 1000원

생과일 주스 - 2000원

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