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  • ES-YF1200



    Petroleum-based double-heat melter melts based on gas-type thermal reaction, especially using dual oil stoves to achieve fast melting speed and high efficiency, allowing users to use light oil to quickly melt materials without wasting time.


    Product Features
      It serves to heat and liquefy THERMOPLATIC and supply it.
    Blade agitation, reverse agitation, fast melting, hydraulic motor overload relief valve, hydraulic system
    Can be made to order according to the size of the vehicle loading box
    vehicle structure change

    • More information

      Product model ES-YF500/600/1000/1200
      Dimensions 1730 x 850 x 1550 mm 1730 x 1650 x 1190 mm
      1730 x 1650 x 1550mm 1730 x 1650 x 1730mm
      Machine Weight 650 / 780 /1100 /1280 kg
      Coating capacity 500 / 600 / 1000 /1200kg
      Diesel engine 8 /15
      Hydraulic tank 50 / 60L
      Diesel capacity 86L

    • Return/exchange guide for ESUNG Co., Ltd.

      Seller Designated Courier: DHL/ FedEx

      Return shipping cost:

      Exchange shipping fee:

      Address: 142-47, Sandangupyeong-gil, Nangsan-myeon, Iksan-si, Jeollabuk-do, Republic of Korea


      Possible period of request for return/exchange reasons: Within 3 months after receiving the product if it is different from the display/advertisement or the terms of the contract are fulfilled, or within 30 days from the date of knowing the fact that is different from the display/advertisement (the seller bears the return shipping cost) Returns/exchanges are not possible when one of the


      Reasons for non-return/exchange

      1. Isung Enterprise Co., Ltd.'s products are produced after the customer's consent, and we will inform you after the order estimate.

      2. In case of a request for exchange/return due to defective artwork, the shipping fee is free.

      3. If the received work is defective, please contact the customer center with a photo so that we can check it, and we will respond promptly.

      4. Returns and exchanges are not possible if the work has been damaged or damaged due to the customer's negligence, if there are defects or omissions in the packaging or enclosed items, or if the work has been used.

      5. If the delivery address (contact information/address) is not entered correctly, delivery may be delayed or returned, so please fill in accurate information.

      Business Name: ESUNG CORPORATION


      Phone number: 82-1644-9689

      Fax: 82-063-858-9289

      Address: 142-47 Sandangupyeong-gil, Nangsan-myeon, Iksan-si, Jeollabuk-do, Republic of Korea

      Country: South Korea

      Region: Jeollabuk-do

      City/Gun/Gu: Iksan

      Postal Code: 54524

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